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While DG’s reflashing and diagnostic tools include software capable of running diagnostics on any vehicle network component that is J2534 compliant, access to unique functions and parameters may not be accessible through aftermarket software and may require OEM specific software. Updating vehicle controller software is becoming one of the leading solutions for vehicle repairs. 

Reprogramming may be the only way to fix some of these issues:
Driveability   •   Fuel Efficiency   •   Power Loss   •   Fault Codes   •   Durability of Mechanical Parts

To Reprogram a Vehicle You Need:

1. J2534 Pass thru Device    2. PC with Access to the Internet    3. OEM Data Subscriptions

The OEM data subscription is obtained directly from the OEM’s website. Subscription fees vary by OEM and have several payment options: per-vehicle, 24 hours, 72 hours, weekly, monthly, or annually.  The average charge per flash over time is $25. 
(Examples: GM  -$55 for 2 days; Ford – $26.95 for 3 days, Chrysler -$35 for 3 days)

OEM Software Pricing Options   •   OEM Reprogramming Information   •   How-To Guides/Videos   •   J2534 Reprogramming FAQs
According to the National Automotive Service Task Force

Click the OEM links below to access their software subscription information portals.

OEM Subscription Software Links

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buick  * cadillac chrysler  *dodge
 ferrari  fiat  * ford   *gmc   *honda
 * hyundai  * hummer   *infinity   *isuzu  * jaguar
  *jeep   *kia  * land-rover  * lexus   *lincoln
  maserati  * mazda   *mercedes benz   *mecury  mini
 mitsubishi   *nissan  * oldsmobile  * pontiac   *porche
 rolls-royce  * saturn  saab   *scion  smart
 subaru  suzuki   *toyota   *vw  volvo

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