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A word from our president

Mark Zachos is the founder and President of DG Technologies. Mark is a recipient of several industry awards including the SAE Technical Standards Board Outstanding Contribution Award, and the IEEE Goodman Award.

Top Reasons to Buy a VSI-2534: #1 Free Ground Shipping

Our webstore at https://t.co/2UexfzTO9z is currently offering free ground shipping, available only for a limited time!

Top Reasons to Buy a VSI-2534: #2 Cyber Secure

DG Technologies provides resources and information to help our customers stay safe and secure on their network.

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Top Reasons to Buy a VSI-2534: #3 Reliability

Our 30+ years of experience ensure we bring our customers high quality and reliability in every tool.

Purchase your VSI-2534 today at https://t.co/jZPjtuFJmW

Top Reasons to Buy a VSI-2534: #4 DG Technologies

With 30+ years of experience & expertise, DG Technologies has a strong history & reputation throughout the industry, providing high quality and durability with each of our tools.

Check out our VSI-2534 at https://t.co/jZPjtuFJmW

#CyberSecurity for your #cybertech

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